After the Test


Congratulations, you did it! You have studied hard, practiced with the sample questions, and were as ready as possible. You passed the test. If need be, you studied some more, and passed the retakes. You now have your TASC test scores.


Passing Scores for TASC Test


TASC test works with whoever adopts the test to set a passing grade. Everyone who adopts TASC test awards the equivalent of a high school diploma to test takers earning a passing grade on TASC test, in addition to any other requirements that particular state may have.






If you earned a 500 or higher in each content area, we want to congratulate you on your high school equivalency exam performance. Now that you’ve passed, you’ve opened the doors to college and a career. Find out how to take the next steps.

Next Steps


Once you pass the TASC test, your high school equivalency can help you find a better job or go on to college. Colleges and universities across the country accept the TASC test as a high school equivalency. Passing the TASC test shows you have the same basic knowledge and skills as current high school graduates.

You can even pursue financial aid with your TASC test high school equivalency. Complete this form.

TASC test is a partnership between Data Recognition Corporation CTB and each state that decides to use the TASC test. This can include the District of Columbia, the Canadian provinces and territories, the U.S. unincorporated territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and American Samoa), the U.S. military and federal correctional institutions, and the veteran’s administration hospitals. When the TASC test is adopted as the test for high school equivalency it is considered an official test in any of these locations.