TASC Test Writing


The TASC test emphasizes the Common Core State Standards for Language (grades 7-12 accumulative) and Writing (grades 11-12) that are the most relevant to College and Career Readiness, as indicated by the standards/skills in the below “High Emphasis” category.

Concepts in the “Medium Emphasis” items will be fully assessed within TASC test as well, though there will be fewer questions aligned to these standards.

The “Low Emphasis” category will have no more than one or two items on any given test. Since TASC test is fully aligned to the Common Core, basic familiarity with these concepts may be assessed.

No standards that are categorized by the CCSS as “advanced” will be directly assessed on TASC test.

High Emphasis:



Medium Emphasis:



 Low Emphasis:



The following standards and subskills will be assessed with both multiple-choice and brief constructed-response items .



The TASC also has an essay component that will focus completely on the following writing standards: