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Whether you’re an examiner, test center administrator, or ABE instructor, access the TASC test resources you need on our secure TASC test portal.

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The TASC Test Basics

Transition to New 2016 TASC Test Flyer

TASC Test Objective Structure

TASC Test Transition Plan

Test and Item Specifications Document (Coming Soon)

Proficiency Level Descriptors for HSE and Distinguished Achievement Designations (Coming Soon)

Comparability of Computer and Paper-Based Tests

Register Online for the TASC Test

High School Equivalency Candidate Letter

TASC Test Blog


About the Subjects

Math Fact Sheet

Reading Fact Sheet

Science Fact Sheet

Social Studies Fact Sheet

Writing Fact Sheet



Overview of TASC Accommodations

TASC Special Testing Accommodations Descriptions

TASC Allowable Resources

Accommodations Request Form

TASC Examinee Guidelines

TASC Evaluator Guidelines

TASC Prior Notification Form

TASC Special Testing Accommodations Approval Criteria


Preparing for the TASC Test

Online Interactive Demo Introduces Technology-Enhanced Items to TASC Test Takers

Online Testing: It’s Easier than You Think (Video)

TASC Test Interstate Testing Request Form


Test Reference Sheets

Mathematics Reference Sheet

Calculator Reference Sheet English

Calculator Reference Sheet Spanish

2015 Indicator Codes


Sample Test Items

Argumentative Essay Writing Prompt Sample

Informational Essay Writing Prompt Sample Item

Scoring Guidance for the Informational Essay

Scoring Guidance for the Argumentative Essay

Math Study Topics

Reading Study Topics

Science Study Topics

Social Studies Study Topics

Writing Study Topics


2015 Printable Items in English:




Social Studies



Printable Items in Spanish:

Reading Spanish

Math Spanish

Science Spanish

Social Studies Spanish

Writing Spanish


Score Reporting and Interpretation

Sample Score Report for TASC Test Candidates

TASC Test Item Maps to Support Score Interpretation

Report on Items that Present the Greatest Achievement Gap Between Passing and Non-Passing TASC Test Examinees

Proficient Level Descriptions for HSE and Distinguished Achievement Designations (Coming Soon)


TASC Test Order Forms

2015 Readiness Assessment 2&3 Order Form

Materials Order Form

Short Ads Order Form


Promotional Materials

TASC Test Checklist Brochure

TASC Test Product Brochure

TASC Test Readiness Assessment Brochure

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