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TASC Resources


As you prepare for the TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™, you need all the materials you can get. That’s why we’ve created helpful subject guides and collected study tips for our test takers on the TASC test blog. Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, or test taker, find the TASC test resources you need.


The TASC Test Basics


TASC Test Blog

Online Testing: It’s Easier than You Think (Video)

The New Generation of High School Equivalecy Tests [Infographic]

TASC Test Checklist Brochure




Interpreting TASC Test Scores

TASC Test Product Brochure [2.5MB PDF] >

TASC Test Objective Structure [210KB PDF] >

TASC Test Readiness Assessment Brochure [1.6 MB PDF]


About the Subjects


Math Fact Sheet [330.5KB PDF] >

Reading Fact Sheet [312.6KB PDF] >

Science Fact Sheet [309.4KB PDF] >

Social Studies Fact Sheet [355.1KB PDF] >

Writing Fact Sheet [321.4KB PDF] >

Mathematics Reference Sheet [974.8KB PDF]

2015 Indicator Codes


Preparing for the TASC Test


Online Interactive Demo Introduces Technology-Enhanced Items to TASC Test Takers

Examinee Directions For Self-Guided Computer-Based Testing English

Examinee Directions For Self-Guided Computer-Based Testing Spanish


TASC Test Order Forms




*Please open them with system viewer, not in a web browser.


Sample Test Items:


Mathematics [1.2MB PDF] >

Reading [1.2MB PDF] >

Science [1.4MB PDF] >

Social Studies [1.7MB PDF] >

Writing [1.1MB PDF] >

Scoring Rubrics [2.6MB PDF] >

TASC Test Writing Prompt Exemplars [463KB]


Practice Items in English:


Reading [476.6 KB PDF] >

Math [514.8 KB PDF] >

Science [567.2 KB PDF] >

Social Studies [1 MB PDF] >

Writing [467.3 KB PDF] >


Practice Items in Spanish:


Reading Spanish [476.6 KB PDF] >

Math Spanish [514.8 KB PDF] >

Science Spanish [567.2 KB PDF] >

Social Studies Spanish [1 MB PDF] >

Writing Spanish [467.3 KB PDF] >


Score Reporting


Sample Score Report for TASC Test Candidates [1.9 MB PDF] >

Report on Items that Present the Greatest Achievement Gap Between Passing and Non-Passing TASC Test Examinees


Comparability of Computer and Paper-Based Forms


Comparability of Computer and Paper-Based Forms >>



High School Equivalency Candidate Letter